Basics of Reflexology You Need to Know Now


Basics of Reflexology

The first references to reflexology were found in the ancient cultures of Egypt and China. Reflexology is called a natural healing art and is very popular today. This is looked upon as an alternative form of medicine.
What are the basic principles of reflexology?
foot reflexology massage
Reflexology uses the principles of applying pressure on one’s feet and hands. While practicing it, parts of the feet, hands and even the ears are pressed gently or even massaged. Reflexology helps to stimulate the nerves in the body. This in turn helps the blood flow to various parts of the body. Reflexology is also known as a kind of holistic healing.
What are the various ways one can benefit from reflexology?
The principles have helped to cure many health related problems. Here are a few of them.
► Reflexology is known to cure headaches. This helps one to avoid popping pills every time one has a headache.
► Reflexology has also been used to alleviate premenstrual symptoms. The regular use of this method has considerably reduced associated pains and aches for many women.
► Reflexology is also known to have helped people who suffer from stress and insomnia.
► Reflexology helps in blood circulation throughout the body.
► Reflexology has also been used to cure digestive problems.
► People who suffer from back pain and shoulder ache due to prolonged working hours spent using the computer have also benefited from reflexology.
► Reflexology also helps relax and de-stress oneself. This is because of the pressure that is applied to the various points that helps one feel better and refreshed during the reflexology session.
When should one practice reflexology?
foot reflexology massage
Reflexology can be done anytime and at any place. It is advisable that you consult a professional to fully enjoy its benefits. Generally it is practiced 6 days a week. After two weeks, one needs to assess the results.
Should a person follow a particular diet?
There is no particular diet plan while you practice reflexology. However, this does not mean you can go in for fast foods. Most dieticians would obviously advice you to have healthy food and therefore it is better you stick to a natural and healthy diet that gives you all the sources you need. Drink lots of water and exercise regularly.
Is it safe to practice reflexology on your own?
If you wish to practice it on yourself then it would better you train yourself in the presence of a professional. It is said that this is definitely an easy therapy to learn. Ensure you know about all the pros and cons before you begin any sessions of reflexology.
Are there any side effects?
It is said that the second session of reflexology has caused some amount of discomfort to a person. This is because the point where the pressure is being applied tends to become tender or sensitive with time. There are no major side effects reported as such. At times, one may feel the need to urinate or defecate, which is completely natural. If you have any prolonged illness then you must consult a professional before you opt for reflexology.
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