How Does Cranial Osteopathy Work


How Does Cranial Osteopathy Work

Osteopathy is a treatment that works on strengthening the body structure and the overall internal functioning of the organs. The habit of living a sedentary and yet a stressful lifestyle has led to improper health. The work tension and pressure of always performing better, make us ignore the way of living a healthy life. When these pressures begin to build up, the muscles and the tissues begin to contract and cause pain and discomfort. If these minor unhealthy signs are ignored, it results into bigger health problems. People of all age groups are suffering from some sort of daily tension and pressure. Therefore, this therapy helps reduce the stress and tension levels. This treatment is gentle and harmless to the body and focuses on the overall functioning of the body. Brush through this article to know more about working of this therapy.

Cranial Osteopathy Method

This treatment was introduced by William Garner Sutherland in the year 1930. His curiosity in the skull bones and its structure led him to develop this therapy. The tissues in the body rhythmically change shape which is termed as cranial rhythm or involuntary movement. The cranial rhythm often gets disturbed by the level of stress and tensions that an individual suffers from in his daily life. These pressures restrict the movement of tissues and contracts them. In the beginning, the effects of stress might be very minor but as it accumulates in the body, it begins to show symptoms, such as backaches, headaches or neck pain.

It is used for the purpose for curing ailments such as jaw pain, cranium pain, to release the tension build around the spine, joint pain, facial pain and even help in reducing any kind of trauma or accidents. Cranial osteopaths take many years to master the skill of recognizing these mild rhythms created by the movement of tissues and spinal fluid. These osteopaths use many techniques to reduce the body strain that is formed in joints or muscles. These ailments occur mainly due to less body flexibility and poor posture. Therefore, osteopaths focus on improving the posture as well as enhance the flexibility. Proper functioning of muscles and joints reduce a lot health risks and keep the body free from stiffness and rigidity. This treatment not only improves the posture but also strengthens the digestive system and improves the immunity of the body.

Process of Treatment

In order to cure the patient from the stress, it is essential for the osteopaths to understand and asses their lifestyle. Doctors of osteopathy also have to thoroughly study the medical history of the patient to use appropriate techniques to cure their medical condition. The neck, joints, and spine are well examined to exactly locate the problem area. Inflammation, pressure on joints, or even misalignment in them can cause strain. To release such pressure, the patient undergoes muscle stretching, massage or joint articulation. This gentle pressure and the stretches loosen the muscles and increase the blood flow in the body. It removes all the blockages and misalignment of joints and even takes away the stiffness. If a patient is suffering from prolonged pain, several sessions can help him overcome the build up of stress.

It can be of great help in case the patient is suffering from asthma, insomnia, stiff shoulders or neck, slipped discs, joint pains, improper posture and many more such health ailments.

It is among the well recognized therapies that many doctors are experimenting with on their patients. This treatment has also shown positive results and is being adopted by many hospitals and clinics. Make sure to consult your doctor and find out whether it is the right therapy for you.

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